Black Lips

On profite d’avoir une nouvelle interface pour ressortir, entre autres, nos vieux entretiens en langue originale du grenier sombre et poussiéreux où on les conservait. Cela se nomme communément un disque dur ? Ah, vous m’en direz tant !

Black Lips

lBC: You’re touring a lot, so far what have been your best, your worst and your most awkward moments ?

Cole : Our best moment was being on Conan O’Brian Show which is like a television show in America. Jared do you know what the most awkward moment was ?
Jared : The most awkward moment was probably…playing in Copenhagen. It was pretty awkward. We played in Copenhagen and in Christiana, all the hippies didn’t like us.
Cole : The loading was like Mad Max.

lBC : How do these moments affect your music ?

Jared : The best moments, like in Paris -Paris was a great show-, our best moments we act our best. Our bodies work with the upmost ability. Awkward moments, we get really weird and cagy and depression sets in and we try then to commit suicide.

lBC : You’ve got a certain stage reputation which is not always made out of glamour…

Cole : Yeah… That’s not necessary that real. Sometimes really crazy stuff happen but it’s random not like some gimmick which is like every day.

lBC : By the way, could you quote us some of your stage influences ?

Jared : Yeah, Cole has definitely a stage influence !
Cole : Oh, yeah. Jimi Hendrix.
Jared : I like Sid Vicious ! he’s cool.

lBC : Well, what are your relations to the english scene ?

Jared : Very little. I like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and… But after the seventies I don’t like England.

lBC : What motivates the band on a daily basis ?

Cole : Beer and sunshine.
Jared : That’s actually the quest for beer and the quest for sunshine which we have not found in Europa. We found the beer but our quest for sunshine in Europa has not come true.

lBC : Not even in Italy or Spain ? [Note: even in Marseille that day it was pouring!]

Jared : No we have bad luck with that. A quest for summer, a quest for love, a quest for magic mushrooms. That’s it.

By Maéva Cabaret Aléatoire, Marseille, le 17/04/08

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  1. oh je viens de me rendre compte que Jared a le même t-shirt que pour Rennes c’est dingue ce que les artistes peuvent porter tout le temps les même vêtements. ça ce comprend mais bon après ça crée des polémiques et/ou moqueries .

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