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« You wake up, you eat. You sleep… »

A l’occasion du Jalouse Rocks Paris, nous avons eu la chance de rencontrer Matt pour une brève interview au bord de la Seine. Les questions sont très aléatoires mais les réponses sont criantes d’honnêteté. Version française sur notre myspace.

LBC/ Does the meaning of your music has changed with time passing...

Matt (bass, vocals) : Yes ! It changes with time passing because everything changes with time passing.

LBC/ But in what way does it change ?

Matt : I don’t know. I guess… the songs have just changed because even the songs we played for a long time, you know, to entertain ourselves we have to do them differently because and then through that, it effects the newer music that we make as well. And sometimes we write a new song, it all gives us a different idea how to play an old song. I don’t know exactly how it changes but it’s a slow process. Like people change, the basic personality stays the same but we just change a little bit. The hair gets long, we cut it again.

LBC/ I saw the band on Ulterior myspace, how did you meet ?

Matt : I met Paul Simmons, he was in New-York and I guess people know where I work. He introduced himself to me and we talked. We continued the communication then we did a remix for them. We ended up going over to England, we stayed in their house and had a fuckin blast. I love these guys !

LBC/ Could you make a presentation in a few words about your band members ?

Matt : In just a few words, they’re smart, fun, people. We all have in common passion, anger. Not anger but wildness. We have similar frustrations and we like to get them out.

LBC/ How come you were invited at Jalouse Rocks Paris ?

Matt : Because Paul knows Jen who works at the magazine. I think that’s the only reason.*laughs*

LBC/ What maintains you excited at the idea of performing ?

Matt : I guess because no matter what you do, it’s kind of one thing, you know, it’s a pretty steady thing. You wake up, you eat. You sleep…We can do something to be in a different world. You know what I mean ?

LBC/ *vigorous approbative nod*

Matt : When you’re performing, you’re not having ideas about taking care of your physical body. It doesn’t exist anymore. You’re in a different plane, different world, different space.

Entretien réalisé le 27 juin devant le Showcase, Paris, par Maéva T.

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